Los días de la semana

Hola! It’s Nani! I have a fun Spanish riddle you can try with your kids today. Can they figure it out?

Los siete son hermanitos
y viven un solo día;
cuando uno nace otro muere,
y así se pasan la vida.

The answer is…. the days of the week! Take this opportunity to practice “los días de la semana” in Spanish with your kiddo. They are:

lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sábado, domingo

Try asking:

Si hoy es martes, mañana es _______________

Si ayer fue jueves, hoy es _____________

Si mañana es domingo, hoy es ________________

Si hoy es lunes, ayer fue ________________

Si mañana es miércoles, hoy es  __________

For younger kids, you can work on the concepts of today, yesterday & tomorrow.  Describe something that has happened or will happen and have your child tell you whether it happened hoy, ayer or mañana.

Finally, use the days of the week as a way to practice counting in Spanish! Little ones can practice counting to 7 and you can challenge older kids to count by 7s in Spanish as far as they can!