Parent Power: Get the #FamilyVote Out!

This hasn’t been the most kid-friendly election cycle, but one thing that is kid friendly is voting. Around the country, parents are taking their kids to share in one of our most fundamental rights: Voting. Check out amazing #familyvote photos coming in here.

Inspire Other Parents to Vote with a #FamilyVote Selfie

Help spark a new tradition in your social network: Show the world how powerful voting is with your #FamilyVote selfie.

Step 1: Vote & Take a Pic

  • Take your kids to the polls and take a picture OUTSIDE with your “I Voted” stickers (Find your polling place here or here.)
  • If you can’t vote with your kids, bring home the “I Voted” stickers and take your pic together
  • Early voting and mail ballots count, too! Take an action shot when you put it in the mail.

Step 2: Share & Inspire Others!

  • Post your picture to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, with #FamilyVote
  • Tag your friends and encourage them to share their own #FamilyVote pics

Involving your kids in voting shows them what democracy is all about, and it helps show our country that families matter and have a powerful voice.

Be a #FamilyVote Trendsetter

Share this on Facebook to tell your friends you’ll be sharing a #familyvote photo when you vote. Or, save one of the photos below and post to Instagram.

final-votofamiliar-square-1 #votofamiliar

If you’d like more images to choose from, see our #FamilyVote resource page.

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For motivation, click out our Top 5 Reasons to Vote with Your Kids.

Other Great Election Resources for Kids

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