Aileen Arreaza
Executive Director

Ailen Arreaza is Executive Director of ParentsTogether, a national nonprofit parents organization that channels the love parents have for their children into a powerful force for advocacy and political change in order to help all families thrive. Previously, Ailen served as ParentsTogether’s Deputy Director, where she helped develop the organization’s content team into a media powerhouse that reaches tens of millions of parents annually. Before joining the ParentsTogether team in 2014, Ailen worked for 10 years promoting fair housing and equal opportunity for the City of Charlotte. Ailen loves to write (in English and Spanish) and her work has been featured in several local and national publications, sometimes she even writes song lyrics for her husband’s Latin music band. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, two sons, and her mother, and she is native of Havana, Cuba.


Parenting – one of the toughest jobs in the world – gets so much easier when parents have each others’ backs. Most moms and dads could use a bit more help with the everyday challenges of raising our children. So we develop creative tools that help you and your kids thrive.
And then there are the big challenges–things we can only solve by working together. That’s why, every day, ParentsTogether Action brings parents together to make a difference on the issues that matter most to our kids and families — things like family leave, childcare, and quality education.


As a national, parent-led organization with community members in every state, ParentsTogether Action helps parents stay up to date on the issues affecting their families so that all of us can work together to build a stronger future for our children.


We are each other’s best resources

There is always another parent who’s been there before and might be able to help—you should never have to go it alone.

When we’re connected, we can help each other lighten the load

We all need help sometimes, and we all have at least a little bit to offer. A group like ParentsTogether can help us find each other so that we can better share our time, support, gear, and best parenting tips.

We have a lot of economic power

And we need to use that spending power to our advantage! Joining together nationally gives us the opportunity to negotiate deals and discounts that benefit everyone’s bottom line.

Together, we are an unstoppable force for change

When we raise our voices together, we have the power to create big shifts in the systems that make it so hard to raise a family in the US – starting with unpaid maternity leave all the way up to the high costs of college.