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Top 5 Reasons to Vote with Your Kids

Top 5 Reasons to Vote with Your Kids

Early Vote and Polling Location

Sample Social Media Posts

Vote and share your #FamilyVote selfie:

Voting’s more fun with kids! Take a #FamilyVote selfie outside the polls, and show off your “I voted” stickers! familyvote.org

Parent power at the polls! Take a family voting selfie, tag it #FamilyVote, and inspire your friends to vote with their kids! familyvote.org

Do your part! Share your #FamilyVote selfie (from outside the polls) and tell your friends and family to do the same! Voting never looked so good! familyvote.org

End the election on a high note – let’s turn the tide and post awesome family photos after voting with our kids. #FamilyVote familyvote.org

Let’s make our voices HEARD! When you vote, tell the world with your #FamilyVote selfie. Inspire others with your vote. familyvote.org

What’s your Election Day plan? It’s always fun to vote with your kids (if you can). Share your #FamilyVote selfie from outside the polls, or at home with your “I Voted” stickers. familyvote.org

Kids learn voting habits from their parents:

Kids learn to vote from their parents, so make Election Day a family affair. Post your #FamilyVote selfie & inspire other parents to head to the polls! familyvote.org

Did your mom or dad take you to vote when you were little? Keep the tradition going and share your #FamilyVote selfie from outside the polls! familyvote.org

Ready for this election craziness to be over? Take your kids with you to vote, and show them what really matters: Our VOTES. #FamilyVote familyvote.org

What is your earliest voting memory? Make a new memory with your kids, and share your #FamilyVote selfie. familyvote.org

Early voting:

The early bird gets the…vote! Vote early with your kids, then post a #FamilyVote selfie–and inspire others to join in. familyvote.org

Like being ahead of the game? Vote early with your kids. And share your #FamilyVote selfie when you do! familyvote.org

Why wait? Learn if you can vote early with your kids today! (And then share your #FamilyVote selfie from outside the polls!) familyvote.org

Early voting is an easy way to vote with kids. Help your friends take advantage of this great option with your #FamilyVote selfie. familyvote.org

Halloween – October 31:

Where did the ghost go to vote? The voting BOOth 🙂 Take your little ghosts & goblins with you to vote, and be sure to share your #FamilyVote selfie. www.familyvote.org

Happy Halloween! Show off your kid’s Halloween costume at the polls (if you can early vote). #FamilyVote familyvote.org

Take your kids on a Halloween adventure to the polls (if you can early vote)! Everyone knows you get more candy if you’re wearing an “I Voted Early” sticker. #FamilyVote familyvote.org

Election Day – Nov 8:

I VOTED! Get your sticker, and share your #FamilyVote selfie (outside the polls) to inspire other families to vote today. www.familyvote.org

Already voted? You can still help! Share this post to encourage other families to vote with their kids and take a #FamilyVote selfie. www.familyvote.org

Who are your dedicating your vote to? Give them a shout out when you post your #FamilyVote selfie. www.familyvote.org