Parents: Power Up the #FamilyVote!

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This election, critical issues for families are up for grabs. But if we want to be heard, we need to show up.  And there’s one easy step we can take to to flex our political power and change the culture of voting.

Take Your Kids to Vote!

Voting is one of the most important things we can do to create the world we want for our children and — bonus! — parents who involve kids in elections raise civic leaders! So this November, when you vote — at the polls or by mail — do it with your kids. Then inspire a flood of other parents to vote with a #FamilyVote selfie.

Check out some of these awesome pics!

Join the #FamilyVote movement! It’s simple:

Step 1: Vote & Take a Pic

  • Take your kids to the polls and take a picture OUTSIDE with your “I Voted” stickers (Find your polling place here or here.)
  • If you can’t vote with your kids, bring home the “I Voted” stickers and take your pic together
  • Early voting and mail ballots count, too! Take an action shot when you put it in the mail.

Step 2: Share & Inspire Others!

  • Post your picture to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, with #FamilyVote
  • Tell your friends to vote and share their own #FamilyVote pics

Involving kids in voting teaches them a real-life lesson in democracy, and it helps show our country that families matter and have a powerful voice.

Be a #FamilyVote Trendsetter

Share this on Facebook to tell your friends you’ll be sharing a #familyvote photo when you vote. Or, save one of our pics and post to Instagram.

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