We Believe in the Power of Parents

As parents, most of us struggle with the idea that we’re somehow supposed to make it work on our own–and if we can’t, it’s our own fault. But every day, parents tell us about the impossible choices they face: “I can’t afford to support my family, but I have no child care to go to a job interview.” “Should I pay for diapers my day care requires? Or pay my cell phone bill, so they can reach me in an emergency?”

Too often, we face these challenges alone. But we can only solve them together.

That’s why ParentsTogether Action helps parents use our “outside voices” together to speak up for a country that’s more supportive of parents and kids.

In a recent survey, ParentsTogether community members voted to prioritize:

  • Supporting and improving our public schools
  • Ending gun violence
  • Making sure all parents get parental leave so they can take care of their newborns
  • Making sure all families can get great childcare they can afford
  • More flexibility in workplaces and work arrangements for parents
  • Making sure all working families have the money they need to support their families
  • Getting toxic chemicals out of food, toys, and other products
  • Reducing high-stakes testing in our schools
  • Ensuring low-income kids and kids of color get equal access to good schools

You can become a part of this important work — and get great resources for your family – by signing up for one of our programs here today.