ParentsTogether Online Safety Campaigns

Tech companies are some of the world’s most powerful entities and, too often, they wield their power in ways that harm kids. They enable child sexual exploitation and the spread of child sexual abuse images; track children and sell their private information to third parties; expose kids to extremist beliefs, and disinformation; intentionally addict them; degrade their mental health and body image – all while creating a permanent public record of personal information that can be accessed by anyone. The pandemic has meant our kids spend more time online than ever before, exacerbating all these harms.

But ParentsTogether has been fighting back, mobilizing our 2.5 million members across the U.S. to hold tech platforms accountable. 

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Twitter makes product and policy changes to prevent CSAM live streaming

ParentsTogether worked directly with Twitter after finding CSAM (child sexual abuse material) was being live streamed via Periscope, owned by Twitter. Twitter reported the CSAM to the authorities and made major changes to their policies and products, across the company!

Snapchat starts scanning videos for CSAM

More than 100,000 ParentsTogether members signed a letter to Snapchat asking them to scan videos for CSAM (they already scanned photos). Snapchat met with ParentsTogether and now scans all videos for CSAM.

Twitter bans hashtags and users organizing sexually-explicit Zoombombings targeting kids

ParentsTogether sent an open letter to Twitter after finding Zoombombings targeting kids were being organized on Twitter. After meeting with ParentsTogether, Twitter removed several hashtags and accounts that were organizing racist or sexually explicit Zoom attacks.

New York implements two year facial recognition technology moratorium

Following a day of action supported by ParentsTogether and other allies in New York, Gov. Cuomo signed legislation for a two year moratorium on facial recognition software in the state.

Amazon significantly increases CSAM reporting from 8 to 2000+ reports

ParentsTogether delivered 40,000 parent signatures and staged a “teddy bear sit in” outside Jeff Bezos’s house asking Amazon Web Services to find and report CSAM. Afterwards, they increased their number of reports from just 8 to over 2000.

Twitter Blocks Racist Anti-Asian Hashtags

Twitter – which is used by millions of kids and teens – was covered in anti-Asian hashtags like #kungflu and #bateatingchinese that falsely blamed Chinese people for the coronavirus pandemic. Following a campaign from ParentsTogether and other allies, they blocked several anti-Asian hashtags.

Ongoing Campaigns

Apple: Stop giving kids access to dangerous adult apps

A report exposed that Apple lets kids download risky adult apps — including for casual sex and chatting with strangers — from their app store.

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TikTok: Stop Pushing White Supremacy

TikTok, the most popular social media platform with kids and teens, is full of hate speech and extremism, including white supremacy, terrorism, and hundreds of other examples of harmful, inappropriate videos.

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TikTok: Let parents see what kids see; Mirror kids’ accounts for parents

Even though it is the #1 platform for kids, TikTok is full of bullying, sexual predators, and harmful content encouraging violence and self-harm. Parents should be able to see what kind of content TikTok serves their children to help keep them safe.

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Twitter: Make it easy to report child sexual abuse!

Images and videos of child sexual abuse are rife on Twitter, but the platform makes it extremely difficult to report them. It’s easier to flag spam to Twitter than this appalling crime.

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Tell Congress: Hold Big Tech Accountable

The House Judiciary Committee advanced a series of bills intended to constrain the monopolistic powers of Big Tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple. If signed into law, these bills will help bring choice and control back to the consumer and stop the oversized influence these companies have on our economy, our politics, and our daily lives.

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#COVIDLiesKill – Tell Twitter: We need options!

Anti-vaxxers are all over Twitter, but the platform doesn’t have a method to report tweets or accounts that spread lies about the pandemic or the vaccine.

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Tell Google: Remove white supremacist and Nazi content from Google Podcasts

A disturbing report in the New York Times found that Google Podcasts hosts podcasts pushing conspiracy theories and white supremacy. Some of the shows are even hosted by Nazis!

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Google: Stop Sharing Kids’ Private Info

Google is collecting children’s private information and sharing it with other companies for profit. They are doing this with no parental consent, even for kids as young as preschoolers.

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Stop corporations from mapping kids’ bodies for profit

There are vast databases of American children’s unique, personal physical and behavioral features—their biometrics. And they are owned by private corporations.

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Tell Facebook to abandon its plans to target young children on Instagram

Excessive use of digital devices and social media is harmful to adolescents. Armed with that information, instead of blocking minors from Instagram, Facebook has decided to target even younger children.

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YouTube: Stop Addicting Our Kids!

YouTube intentionally addicts children to their platform using manipulative design. They use engineering features to serve children an endless stream of videos and recommendations that often veer into inappropriate and even harmful content.

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Stop Racist Proctoring in Schools!

Schools across the country are using discriminatory online proctoring software that watches students on their computers while they take tests. But this software often does not recognize children of color.

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TikTok: No unrealistic “beauty” filters for kids

One out of three teen girls are unhappy with the way they look by the time they’re 14! Heavy social media use — especially for young femme and nonbinary kids — is one of the primary drivers of this trend.

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Amazon: Give kids access to books

Amazon controls the majority of America’s book distribution but fails to do what every other major publisher does: sell e-books and audiobooks to public libraries where kids can access them for free on apps.

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Skype: Stop Livestreaming Child Sexual Abuse!

Skype, owned by Microsoft, is a popular live streaming app that law enforcement has said is the #1 source for livestreaming child sexual abuse.

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Racists are recruiting kids on YouTube!

White supremacists are using the Internet to recruit children, and YouTube is helping them. YouTube needs to stop serving vulnerable children unending streams of racist and hate recruitment videos.

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Tell the US Department of Education: No Facial Recognition in School!

Companies are aggressively working to introduce facial recognition in our children’s classrooms, and schools across America are buying in. This is a huge problem because studies clearly show that facial recognition is biased and frequently misidentifies people with darker skin.

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