We Won a Round! #SavePBSKids

We’ve got a bit of good news in the fight for PBS Kids: Congress just passed the ’17 budget with full funding for public broadcasting! Especially after yesterday’s painful healthcare vote, this is a welcome sign that together, we *can* have an impact.


BUT, and it’s a big but — Trump wants zero funding for public broadcasting in 2018 so we need to keep the pressure on.

And it turns out today is a great day to do that, provided you have a smartphone and a sweater.

Here’s how: 48 years ago this week, Mister Rogers gave such powerful testimony to Congress that it stopped a previous wave of cuts.


In his honor, adults and kids across the internet are taking photos wearing a Mister Rogers-style cardigan or sweater  (any color’s OK) and posting and tagging them #ItsABeautifulDay.

If you can take your own sweater selfie, please send it to [email protected] or post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag @parentstogetheraction. We’ll share it!

Thanks for stepping up to defend PBS!

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