NEW SURVEY: 57% of Arizona Parents Say They Are Disappointed or “Fed Up” With the Lack of Government Support for Their Families During the Pandemic

83% of Arizona Families Support President Biden’s “American Rescue Plan,” Including Direct Monthly Payments to Parents with Children

80% of Parents Say Delivering More Relief More Important Than Passing a Smaller, Bipartisan Relief Bill

March 4, 2021 — According to a new survey of Arizona families released by ParentsTogether Action, a family advocacy organization representing 2.5m parents from across the United States, Arizona parents expressed disappointment at the level of financial support during the pandemic, and overwhelmingly support (83%) President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which includes direct payments to parents with children 17 and under. The American Rescue Plan Act passed in the US House of Representatives over the weekend and is being debated in the Senate.

84% of Arizona parents said they support the expanded Child Tax Credit, one of the signature proposals of Biden’s relief legislation, that would give families up to $300/month per child, with 56% saying it would make a “huge difference,” to their family. The overwhelming majority of Arizonans said that they would use the extra funds from the expansion of the Child Tax Credit to pay for housing (71%), food (63%), or utilities (63%). Parents also said they would use the money for education (30%), childcare (27%), or activities/enrichment programs for their children (24%). 

ParentsTogether survey of Arizona families also found that: 

  • When asked about President Biden’s relief plan, 83% of respondents said they supported it, 72% said they “strongly support,” with only 5% of respondents saying they do not support it. 
  • 72% of respondents said they were either somewhat frustrated or very frustrated by the Republicans’ position of voting against or shrinking the size of the American Rescue Plan.
  • 80% of respondents said they thought it was more important to deliver more relief even if it meant the bill did not receive bipartisan support. Conversely, only 20% of respondents said it was more important to deliver on a bipartisan bill, even if it meant cutting out various forms of relief to families and cities. 
  • 57% of respondents said the lack of aid in earlier stages of the pandemic “definitely” or “probably” impacted how they voted in the 2020 election. And that number went up to 74% for upcoming elections if a meaningful relief bill isn’t passed in the near future.

“Arizona families are struggling, and that’s why parents overwhelmingly support the American Rescue Plan and want their representatives to focus on delivering as much relief as possible. As the Senate vote nears, Senator Kelly and Senator Sinema should represent the views of their constituents and wholeheartedly support this bill,” said Justin Ruben, co-Director of ParentsTogether. “Then, we urge both Senators to continue supporting Arizona families by making the new monthly payments to parents permanent.”

In their own words, Arizona parents spelled out why they don’t feel supported by the government right now: 

Families are struggling to pay bills, provide food, and try to stay sane through all the chaos, while government officials are taking vacations, receiving full pay, and only focusing on what is beneficial to them.


I think that if a parent has to go back to work but does not have the money to pay a babysitter to take care of a child then some help should be given to the family or parent.


I feel that more can be done for the families who are truly struggling. Yes, there is an additional $100 dollars of assistance for food but unfortunately that would run out a week before I received more, so I would have to use money from rent. And this doesn’t help with the internet that’s needed for my kids’ school. And this doesn’t help with the money I spend to pay for a sitter or the income lost when I have no sitter. This year has been so difficult. Paying $200 in late fees in rent because I was short just to keep things going.


In response to the question: If you could talk with Senator Kyrsten Sinema about what she should do to help Arizona families, what would you say?” parents responded:  

Help families in need with food, shelter assistance, and utilities, child care.


We need our government to help us. People and kids are really struggling to make ends meet. I will not vote for you again if you continue to not support legislation that will help people who are truly suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.


When you were elected, you promised to take care of Arizona people —  the families who need you the most. Stand course. Don’t be paid off by other people who want you to change your mind.


When asked about Senator Sinema’s opposition to including an increase to the minimum wage in the COVID-19 relief bill, 46% of respondents said they either “strongly” or “somewhat” disagreed with Sinema’s position. Addressing Senator Sinema, one respondent wrote, “You don’t want to raise the minimum wage because you are not affected by it. You don’t live paycheck by paycheck week after week and barely have money to buy food.”