KOSA Petition Letter to Speaker Mike Johnson

Dear Speaker Johnson,

We are writing to urge you to pass the Kids Online Safety Act.

Digital platforms have become vital spaces for learning, socializing, and entertainment for children and teens. Yet, young people and their developmental vulnerabilities are being targeted in unfair ways by these same digital platforms.

Report after report has linked the pressure to spend more time on digital media platforms with the growing mental health crisis in young people, increased risk of sexual predation, and decreased overall wellbeing in kids and teens.

Children and teens should be able to engage freely with the digital environment without being manipulated into spending more time online, spending more money, watching ads targeted to their vulnerabilities, surrendering more data, or engaging with content that undermines their wellbeing.

Without real change to the platforms, kids will continue to pay with their wellbeing. Families need Congress to act. I urge you to support KOSA to help make the internet safer for kids.