With First Presidential Debate Days Ahead, New Survey Reveals What Parents Want to Hear from the Candidates

June 20, 2024 – According to a new survey from ParentsTogether Action, a nonprofit parent and family advocacy group that represents more than 3 million families, parents will be watching the upcoming presidential debate on June 27 to see if either candidate will discuss issues that impact families.

More than half of the 308 parents surveyed say that if one of the candidates offers solutions that address the specific needs of parents and families during the debate, but the other candidate does not, it would impact their vote choice.

91% of parents say it is “extremely important” or “very important” for the candidates to “address the specific needs and challenges of parents” during the first presidential debate. 

53% of parents say they either haven’t heard either candidate talk about the needs of parents so far or they aren’t sure which candidate has talked more about the needs of parents. 47% of parents say addressing the needs of parents would impact their vote “a lot”. 

According to the survey, the top three issues for parents are the cost of food and other essential items, housing costs, and jobs and the economy. 

ParentsTogether will release additional surveys: after the party conventions, before the 2nd Presidential debate in September, and one in mid-October.

“Parents will be watching the first debate closely to see if either candidate will address their specific needs,” said Ailen Arreaza, Executive Director of ParentsTogether Action. “One in five voters is raising kids under 18, making parents a large and consequential constituency. If and how parents vote could determine the outcome of the presidential election—and a crisis is unfolding before our eyes for American families. Parents across the country are struggling with the cost of food, child care, and rent, finding work, and the lack of paid leave. It’s long past time that elected officials prioritize helping families thrive. We will continue surveying parents throughout the presidential campaign to make sure their critical voices are being heard.”