Children of Immigrants at Risk Under Trump’s Proposed Lunch Ban

Social workers around the country are reporting that immigrant families are withdrawing from services like SNAP and Medicaid for fear of being deported. It’s a result of the draft “Lunch Ban” executive order in which Donald Trump calls authorized immigrants a drain on the economy and wants to cut off benefits like school lunches, college financial aid and public health services from green card holders.

If this executive order becomes a reality, it could have a devastating impact, particularly on kids and families. Parents will be given an impossible choice between remaining in their homes or accessing services that are essential to their children’s well-being. Kids will go hungry, babies will not receive the care they need, and families will be separated.

In addition, the effects of the “Lunch Ban” extend beyond the immigrant community. If families are too afraid to seek medical assistance, for example, it could lead to serious public health issues. You can learn more about the proposed executive order here.

At ParentsTogether Action, we launched a petition to stop the Lunch Ban. So far, over 100,000 people have signed it in solidarity with immigrant kids and families. If you’d like to sign it on Facebook Messenger click here and if you’re not on Facebook, it’s here.