Let’s Make Voting a Family Affair With #FamilyVote

At ParentsTogether we’re crazy about making voting a family affair.

Kids who grow up watching their parents vote turn into adults who vote, too. There’s tons of research that says lifelong voting habits are formed in childhood and adolescence.

But taking kids to the polls isn’t just about creating future voters.

When you take your kids to vote, you’re modeling what it means to use your voice and stand up for what you believe. That’s a super important lesson for kids to learn today.

Voting is also a way to help kids understand our past. It’s a great opportunity to talk about and honor all those who fought for the right to vote. And an awesome reminder of how important it is to continue fighting for that right.

But you know what the best part of voting is?

The stickers, of course! 😜

It’s the power those stickers have to inspire. Whenever I vote with my kids, I snap a #FamilyVote selfie w/ our stickers outside the polls. Then, I post it to Facebook and Instagram to remind everyone I know to head to the polls as well.

I hope you’ll share your own #FamilyVote selfie on Election Day!

You can get more info about #FamilyVote here.