Parent Advisory: If Impending Kroger-Albertson Merger is Permitted by the FTC, Grocery Prices Could Soar

The proposed grocery merger will be the largest of all time. It will likely raise grocery prices, undermine competition, and lower worker wages. March 14, 2023 — The two largest grocery chains in the United States, Kroger and Albertsons, announced their plans to merge in October 2022. This mega-deal would be the largest grocery merger in history and immediately raises …

Parent Advisory: 2021 sets records for child sexual abuse online; 3x increase in sexual images of 7-10 year olds

Online sexual exploitation of 7-10 year olds exploded in 2021 with a 3x increase according to new data from The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). This increase was part of a record-breaking number of child sexual abuse images — sometimes called child pornography — they reviewed. IWF reviewed more child sexual abuse images in 2021 than the previous 15 years combined.