Blended Learning May Be Hardest on Kids

A new ParentsTogether Action survey of 1,100 parents shows that parents of school children in blended, or hybrid, models may be struggling more than children in either all-remote or full-time, in-person arrangements.

NEW SURVEY: Two Months After Insurrectionist Attack on the US Capitol, 67% of Parents Concerned About Kids Being Influenced by White Supremacist Content Online

Survey Shows Majority of Parents Are Taking New steps to limit the time their children spend online in light of the January 6 attack  89% Say Tech Companies Need to Do a Better Job of Protecting Kids WASHINGTON D.C. — A new survey from ParentsTogether, a family advocacy organization with more than 2.5 million members nationwide, revealed that parents are …

A young girl smiles and holds up a small purple pouch at a smiling woman holding a coin.

NEW SURVEY: 87% of US Families Support “Kid Cash”– Expansion of the Child Tax Credit in COVID Relief Bill

Majority of Parents Say $300/child Monthly Payments Would Have a Huge Impact on Their Family’s Financial Wellbeing Two Thirds of Families Say They Would Spend the Credit on Rent, Food or Utilities February 18, 2021 – According to a new survey released by the family advocacy group, ParentsTogether Action, 87% of families support the proposal by Democrats in Congress to …

ParentsTogether’s 2021 Emergency Survival Plan for Families

What Families Need To Thrive Pushed to the Breaking Point In 2020, families across the United States experienced unimaginable hardship. The coronavirus pandemic forced millions out of work and the majority of children out of in-person school or daycare. By the end of the year, many families had reached both financial and emotional breaking points. In December, three quarters of …

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ParentsTogether’s Survey of Families in America Identifies Increasingly Dire Financial Crisis with 37% of Families Worse Off Now Than One Month Ago

With benefits cliff looming, families are desperate for another relief package from Congress Report Also Shows Deep Mental Health Crisis, 67% Say Someone in Their House is Struggling Emotionally; 47% Say Kids Mental Health Has Gotten Worse Since Summer December 10, 2020 — According to a new survey from ParentsTogether, families across the United States are reaching both financial and …

Warning for Parents: Parler inappropriate and dangerous for minors

ParentsTogether urges all parents of children under age 18 to immediately check their kids’ phones and tablets to ensure that their children have not installed Parler. If your child has installed Parler, we strongly recommend that you delete their account and the app.

Two kids sitting in front of their chalk drawing promoting early voting.

New Study Shows Pandemic and Response is Pushing Parents to the Polls; 36% Say Pandemic Made Them More Likely to Vote

October 21, 2020 – This morning, ParentsTogether Action, a national nonprofit organization made up of more than 2 million parents, released a new survey of a thousand parents which finds that parents around the country, despite the stress of  balancing work, childcare, and education, are mobilizing to vote in huge numbers in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic …