Parent Advisory: 2021 sets records for child sexual abuse online; 3x increase in sexual images of 7-10 year olds

Online sexual exploitation of 7-10 year olds exploded in 2021 with a 3x increase according to new data from The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). This increase was part of a record-breaking number of child sexual abuse images — sometimes called child pornography — they reviewed. IWF reviewed more child sexual abuse images in 2021 than the previous 15 years combined.

A Letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Recent research from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) found harmful and inappropriate content easily accessible to kids on TikTok, including videos supporting white supremacy, holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, and terrorism.

NEW SURVEY: Parents Most Skeptical of Blended Learning Models, Want Standardized Tests Cancelled for Spring Semester, Feel Highly Favorable Towards Teachers And Their Unions

A new survey from ParentsTogether, a family advocacy group representing more than 2.5 million parents across the country, found that 62% of parents with students in blended learning say their children’s mental health has gotten worse since the pandemic, compared to about half of parents with students in other models.

Blended Learning May Be Hardest on Kids

A new ParentsTogether Action survey of 1,100 parents shows that parents of school children in blended, or hybrid, models may be struggling more than children in either all-remote or full-time, in-person arrangements.

NEW SURVEY: Two Months After Insurrectionist Attack on the US Capitol, 67% of Parents Concerned About Kids Being Influenced by White Supremacist Content Online

Survey Shows Majority of Parents Are Taking New steps to limit the time their children spend online in light of the January 6 attack  89% Say Tech Companies Need to Do a Better Job of Protecting Kids WASHINGTON D.C. — A new survey from ParentsTogether, a family advocacy organization with more than 2.5 million members nationwide, revealed that parents are …

NEW STUDY: One Year Into the Pandemic, 82% of Parents Are Concerned About Their Kids’ Screen Time

43% of Parents Say the Excessive Use of Screens or Devices Has Caused Family Conflict 39% of Parents Link Excessive Use of Social Media and Devices to Declining Mental Health in their Kids WASHINGTON D.C. — A new survey released by family advocacy group ParentsTogether, which has a membership network of over 2.5 million parents across the United States, revealed …

Woman with her head down and covering her face with her hands.

ParentsTogether’s Survey of Families in America Identifies Increasingly Dire Financial Crisis with 37% of Families Worse Off Now Than One Month Ago

With benefits cliff looming, families are desperate for another relief package from Congress Report Also Shows Deep Mental Health Crisis, 67% Say Someone in Their House is Struggling Emotionally; 47% Say Kids Mental Health Has Gotten Worse Since Summer December 10, 2020 — According to a new survey from ParentsTogether, families across the United States are reaching both financial and …